Zip Up & Away! Braving Palawan’s Sabang Zipeline

Breathtaking & Exhilarating!!!  Those were 2 words to describe Palawan’s Sabang Zipline.

Matt & I decided to do this activity in the morning of our last day in Palawan. We booked the activity with our hotel for P550 each. The package (supposedly) includes jeepney ride to and from the hotel all the way to the mountain where you start your trek to the zipline. I said supposedly because that morning, the ride wasn’t available for some reason, so, together with our guide and another couple, we walked all the way to the monkey trail , which was the official starting point of the trek up to the zipline. I was originally upset about this minor dilemma, but it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience for us both. We passed by a beautiful native countryside of nipa houses lined up with coconut trees and rolling mountains as back drop. The view is stunning!

Here are some photos of the trek from the hotel to the zipline:

Picture perfect country side of the island

Cute little kids from the local community who greeted us with a sweet “hello”

Matt trekking this beautiful countryside of the island

Rafting on the mangroves

Almost there!

You need to trek this monkey trail for roughly 15 minutes to get to the start of the zipline. It felt longer for us as we were not prepared for this physical challenge.

After about 40 years (HAHA, it felt that bad on my legs), we finally arrived at the zipline and immediately got prepped up for the ride.

Matt & I all set and ready for our first zipline together. So excited!:)


Unfortunately, since we did this quite early in the morning, the photographers were still asleep so we didn’t have a photo of our ride together (bummer!). I’m happy at least I was able to get a quick shot of the other tourist who went first. Look how fun this is!

This 800-meter ride of pure bliss, they say, takes about a minute. It felt shorter though (probably because we were having too much fun)! I’m normally scared of these kinds of adventure activities; however, with Matt i always feel safe. (awwww!!!) We decided to do this together. Basically I was strapped behind Matt and I held on to him for the entire duration of the ride. Before we were let go by the support crew, I was scared, but i held on to Matt tight and i took a deep breath and before i knew it, i was screaming at the top of my lungs. HAHAHA. I had an overwhelming mix of emotions at the time: super scared, excited and amazed at the same time at the beauty of the ocean. It was truly an unbelievable experience!!! What made this experience really very special is that i did it with my honey!

Happy Matthew at the end of the zipline

After an exhausting, but exhilarating experience, we were ready to go back to our hotel and get some rest before we drive all the way back to Puerto Princesa and catch our afternoon flight back to Manila. But first, some souvenir shots on this side of Sabang island.

I so love this picture. Look at the zipline behind us! Awesome!

Happy couple after our first zipline experience. We’d definitely do it again!

I’d highly recommend this experience (but before you do, make sure there’s a photographer ready to capture your experience.