In the French region of “Saone-et-Loire” – 300 kilometers south east of Paris – we lost our hearts to ‘Savilly’, a 17/19 century chateau (▲375). It is situated in the south of Burgundy (famous for its wines) where hills reach up to 950 m.
A long time ago the Celts already had a settlement here. The inhabitants of this region are very friendly towards travelers, and charming villages are found amidst green hills. This is also a region with a rich history of which a number of old buildings and monuments bear witness.

Here we worked to transform the castle which lies in the rolling countryside of the “Parc Naturel du Morvan” into a ‘bed and breakfast of charm’ with 4 rooms, all in a modern “chateau” style.

The Chateau

The castle is situated where long ago, the Kelts had a spot. At this place in the 17th century, a hunting castle was built. This castle went almost down in the 18th century, but at the end of this century, a huge renovation and extension took place, in the shape and size of its present form.

During this renovation, the total possessions of the property of the castle were a number of houses and farms and a total of 1.200 hectares of grounds and woods. One of the famous lord-families DeCharmasse, lived a number of generations and took care of the place.

In the second part of the 20th century, the property was split, caused by inheritance and sale, and what was left of the total property, was the castle with a few barns and a total of 7 hectares of grounds. The estate had been sold two times, when Esmeralde and Mark van Braam bought it in 2004, to transform it to a ‘bed and breakfast of charm’.‘Chateau de Savilly’ is situated in the ‘Parc du Morvan’, about 15 minutes southeast of the splendid historic city Autun.

Superb views, in a park with very old trees. Needless to mention its stillness and its beautiful starry sky at night.

 The environment

Around 1500 bc, after the invasion ot the Kelts, the Aeduers were the best organized tribe in The Morvan.
Bibract was their capital, which was situated at the op of the mount Beuvray. Today the city is buried, but after the finding of it in the 70s, there is a huge museum and digging centre, with a lot of activities. In the year 52bc, the Galliers were tired of the Roman possession, and with their leader Vercingetorix they conquered again the region.
About 30 years later, after the victory of the Romans, the Romans left Bibracte.

The conqueror ‘Augustus” founded at about 25 km the new capital with the name ‘Augustrum’ known now as Autun.
In the 10th century, king ‘Brunehaut’ gave 2 monasteries to Autun and also the famous baslick ‘Saint Lazare’.

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