Top 10 VR games

Here’s my Top 10 VR games for Fall 2018 #10 – in Jet Island you’re coasting on a surfing hoverboard both of your hands have powerful jet packs to propel you as well as grappling hooks that might sound like an odd combination of powers but they work together surprisingly well it’s like you’re the Silver Surfer playing inside Windlands the island itself is absolutely massive, the scope and scale of the terrain I found really impressive everywhere you go there are interesting valleys, ramps, and buildings to climb or jump off of. As well as well-placed speed boosters. throughout the island there are flying drones, for every drone you destroy you get a permanent ability upgrade like faster fuel refills. there are pretty epic boss fights in the game as well, I’m looking forward to eventually facing off against the giant serpent in the sky. I think one thing they especially nailed was the music. It’s Zen and dreamlike. It’s a perfect mood for just surfing and flying for hours on end. I enjoyed playing this for it’s Zen flying and exploring elements. But the drone and boss fights add a little bit of excitement as well. More excitement for free here:

I think the big appeal of this is the movement system similar to the fun had in Windlands, and if you enjoyed Windlands then I think you’ll definitely enjoy this. (In game voice) Welcome back! I’ve had the archive send up some virtual labor access points for you to practice with (Ben) In Virtual Virtual Reality artificial intelligence is reigning supreme and humans are supposed to entertain and serve the AI overlords (In game voice) Between you and me this one is my favorite, I’d jump in and take this client myself (Ben) At the beginning you’ll be guided on how to transport between VR worlds to help serve different AI personalities, but it essentially boils down to putting on and taking off different headsets. Later in the game you’ll go many layers deep and when you’re pulled out of several layers at once it’s a pretty cool experience (In game voice) OK, that was not part of our standard training protocol (Ben) The writing and storytelling in this game are exceptional.

These days I feel like I’ve seen it all in VR games, but the story and gameplay here really surprised me it’s very funny and incredibly refreshing (In game voice) globules, doesn’t that just tease the tongue? It’s quite indulgent! indulge me for a bit I want to see your limits (Ben) It sounds cliche but this game is truly unique. You haven’t seen anything like it before. After you progress into the story you’ll go through some trippy and reality altering experiences. I don’t want to spoil them but rest assured this game gets pretty deep, it’s much more than just a series of minigames. If you’re a VR veteran, or if you feel like there’s nothing new to experience, then I highly recommend it (In game voice) in this scenario I would -please play the role I hired you for- anyways part of Lesley a young female who has invited her schoolmate -that’s you- home for a family dinner.