Sydney Harbour Bridge Replica: a surprisingly small “big thing”

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you will have already learned that Australia has a funny obssession about all things big. We’ve first seen The Big Merino on our way to Canberra, followed by The Big Bike last weekend. They are all part of Australia’s Big Things which we are hunting down.

Before we headed out to visit the Big Bike, while we read the Eleventy Traveler Blog, Matt have remembered that one of the “big things” was also close. At Warwick Farm, NSW, about 30km west of Sydney CBD, there’s a replica of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Although it’s not officially listed as one of Australia’s Big Things, we thought of visiting it anyway and including it on the list. The only odd thing about this replica is that it is smaller than the original – which is probably why it wasn’t included on the list.

From the big bike’s location, it took us another 10 minute drive to locate the nearby Harbour Bridge replica, which is located at the entrance of the massive Peter Warren Automotive dealership. Although not as captivating as the engineering marvel that is the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the replica nevertheless gives justice as (in our own humble view), it is a beauty on its own. In my mind, it would have been better though if they had built it across a pool, so that it gives the same feel as if you’re looking at the Sydney Harbour itself. But then again, the bridge was built at the entrance of a car dealership to serve as welcoming landmark. It’s meant for the cars to drive underneath, not through it.

So what’s our verdict?

Hmmm….We thought it was interesting and if you have a lot of time in Sydney or you’re just passing by the area, then go ahead and check it out. Otherwise, stick to the original at Sydney Harbour. Why? For obvious reasons: you have the Harbour Bridge on the one side and the Sydney Opera House on the other.  You can enjoy these 2 amazing landmarks and the sights and sound of the beautiful harbour over some of the delicious food from some of the best restaurants in the city. :)

Happy Travels, mate!