Poker Terminology: A Gutshot – Limping In

A Gutshot. A Gutshot is when you catch a lucky card really. What you’re doing, you’re trying to create a Straight, a Straight is five cards in sequence. In this case, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Jack to make a run of five cards here, a really strong hand. Here the player with the 8, has already got the 7, he’s got the 8 himself, the 9 and the Jack, his Gutshot card. It’s this one isn’t?

He’s hoping and praying 1/14 generally. There it is, it’s the 10. The Gutshot card. It’s a very very lucky one.

It would be a Bad Beat if somebody got a Gutshot on you and caught you up on the last card of any given hand. A Gutshot completes a Straight by being one of the cards in the middle. Kicker. A Kicker is sometimes the very minute difference between winning and losing in a hand of Poker.

Let’s have a look at the example I’ve put out for you on the table here. We’ve finished the hand, we’ve had the Flop, we’ve got the seven cards to look at, what’s the winning hand in this situation? Let’s have a look at it then. It’s a pair of Jacks. Both players here have got a Jack, a pair of Jacks each. Neither player has managed to make Two Pairs, they’ve both got one Pair, a pair of Jacks.

So how do we decide who wins the hand? It goes down to the next best card. So we’ve got a pair of Jacks, what’s the next highest card available for either player? It’s this card here. It’s the Ace. So this player has got a pair of Jacks with an Ace Kicker.

This player has got a pair Jacks, his next best card is this 10 here. So the winner in this particular hand is this player here. He’s got a pair of Aces with a higher Kicker, something to back up his Pair, without making a stronger hand is the Kicker and the Ace Kicker this time will win the hand for that player. Limping In.

Limping In means that you place the minimum amount of chips necessary to keep yourself in the hand when you’re the last player to act. We’ll make this seem a bit clearer. Let’s look at the table here, we’ve got the Dealer Button, Small Blind for one, all the players in the hand have bet two chips worth 10, 10, 10, 10,10. The last one to act here is the Small Blind, he’s already bet 5, if he’s gonna Limp In, he’s not gonna Raise, he’s gonna put the minimum amount in, as the last player in the hand to finish off the action, he’ll just put in his extra 5 chips to even it up, he’s Limped In.

He hasn’t Raised the Action, he hasn’t been aggressive, he’s kept the game fairly low-key. Limping In, sometimes people do it as a bluff when they’ve got a very very strong hand, watch out for that.