Enjoyable Computer Sports

We’re home! Dad’s making a casserole tonight let’s go upstairs to play some computer sports! #8 – In Death is a bow and arrow dungeon-crawler set in the afterlife. It features a unique movement system that allows you to teleport either by firing a special arrow at the ground or, using your other hand, tossing a teleport shard. There is a setting for sliding locomotion as well. Your only weapon is a bow and arrow but you’ll gain specialty arrows as you progress. For blocking attacks you can quickly activate your shield with your bow hand by holding down trigger. After you release the trigger your bow returns. Each time you play the levels are procedurally generated so you’ll never play the same level twice. The overall design is beautiful, the level architecture is a giant Cathedral with Gregorian chant music to match. (choir singing) And speaking of audio, the sound design is also very well done.

The game doesn’t blast you with constant audio, you can listen in and hear if an enemy is around the corner or if an arrow narrowly misses you. The whole experience is exceptionally well polished and challenging, if you’re looking for a fresh new bow-andarrow dungeon crawler then I recommend it. #7 – The Talos Principle VR came out a year ago and I finally got around to playing it I’ve never played the original flat screen version of this game, and even though this is a VR port the vast majority of the game feels like it was made for VR. The way you use your hands to grab objects or make keyboard selections feels natural, it’s a very good VR port. And since this was originally a flat screen game it has the advantage of being a vast game with lots of content. It’s the ultimate puzzle lovers dream come true. I’m not even close to finishing it, but I understand it to be upwards of 20+ hours of gameplay.

It’s a Zen puzzle game where you play at your own pace with a fascinating narrative that asks deep philosophical questions. (In game voice) The guardians of this land may harm you, but do not resent them for they are my servants and they challenge you only so that your faith might be strengthened. (Ben) The puzzles are first-person mazes with new game mechanics changing to keep it fresh. At the end of each mini maze puzzle you get a Tetris piece collect enough of them to unlock new areas and also unlock new tools at your disposal. To my knowledge this is the biggest puzzle game in VR right now. So if you’re a puzzle fan then I think this will entertain you for a very long time. #6 – The Gallery Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone almost made it on my original Top 10 list, but looking back it deserves to be in the Top 10. So with “episode 2” in the name it’s obviously a sequel, but part 1 isn’t required. This game stands on its own.