Cool Video Poker Software

Casino Video Poker
Wilson Software
32 Different payoff scales (no deuces or joker wild). Progressive Jackpots. Bonus 4 of a Kind. Tracks errors automatically. Lets you replay errors and learn expert play. Manual includes 3 learning strategies. 3.5″ and 5.25″ disks are both included.

Stanford Wong Video Poker
Pi Yee Press
Like its predecessor, Video Poker Analyzer, this is a computer progam for playing and analyzing video poker. Have hours of fun with one or two human players! Realistic cards with optional animation. Totally random shuffle. Create any hand and analyze all strategies for it. The tutor makes you a better player fast! Learn the rules to popular video poker machines and discover correct holding strategies. By understanding how “expected rate of return” affects your play, you can develop the skill needed to maximize winnings. Increase your skills for tournament play.

Video Poker
Learn to play like an expert – from the expert strategist, Lenny Frome. Comprehensive manual details the game, the strategies and the machines you can beat. Average payback exceeds 100% on selected casino machines when expertly played. For Windows or DOS. 3 1/2″ disk. Free 5 1/4″ exchange offer included

Pi Yee Press
This program cycles through all possible video poker hands. The program contains both a long and a short routine, and will automatically do the proper one. If you specify individual jackpots for the royals of different suits, you will get the long routine. If you don’t, you get the short routine. The short routine finds the overall payback from finding the best Plays of fewer than 200,000 hands, and weighting the results of each hand by how frequently it occurs. The long routine cycles through all 2,598,960 combinations with no joker. Requirements: IBM or compatible PC, 100 K RAM.