Casino online: playing in the dark

Legal or illegal? This question started to emerge in people’s heads on Desember, 1 and the situation became clear on June, 1. Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was adopted and online casino for US players was supposed to become more complicated than it had been before. However June, 1 came and nothing terrible happened. There are sites accepting USA players where people can continue online gambling.

Well anyway UIGEA does not claim that online poker is illegal after all. It only states that deals between banks and online gambling sites are of that kind. Casino for USA players hasn’t stopped its existence – but the procedure of payment became more complicated.

A lot had been done to make online poker legal since the government of the USA officially claimed that according to the law it was prohibited to bet on the telephone.

After UIGEA came out online casino for US citizens lost most of its gambling operators, including huge organizations which were playing on stock exchange and after all were forced to leave the country. When the first news about this severe law denying accepting US players and their payments were announced different politicians had various reaction to it. Congressman Barney Frank said he would do his best to cancel the law which could make casino for USA players illegal.

But in spite of all the dust arisen around the topic of gambling online the facts remain unchanged: for many years most of online casinos were glad to accept US players but every year their number declines.

Nowadays gambling industry increases rapidly in Europe – first of all in England and in South-East Asia known for its hot-tempered people. But according to existing facts 60% of all the players are Americans which means that online casino accept USA players as they form their income. Since banks of the USA and other countries started to restrict casino transactions and a credit card can not solve the problem a range of agents are interested in accepting us, players from American continent, as their partners.

There are people who consider that American government does the right thing trying to protect its citizens but the majority sticks to the opinion that having done everything for online casinos not to accept us, players, is merely a discrimination when all the other players are free to participate in competitions held all over the world.