Best Videogame Adventures

This game at #6 is an interesting juxtaposition with #7 because the previous game is a super long game that was ported to VR whereas this is a shorter game built from the ground up for VR. You’ll beat it in about 3 hours but everything about this game is so perfectly tailored for motion controllers and a sense of immersion. It’s a science fiction adventure inspired by classic 80s fantasy like the Labyrinth and Dark Crystal movies. Almost everywhere you go in the game you’ll encounter a new type of puzzle or a new superpower at your disposal. Throughout your journey you’ll encounter holographic reprojections of the past, primarily from your sister that has gone before you, but also from characters long ago that once lived in this world. (queen) She was a complicated woman but… (man) Oh don’t do that! There is even more story to be found in the books and tablets that you’ll find in almost every room.

This is a fantastic adventure with a great sense of humor as well as epic jaw-dropping moments. #5 Budget Cuts was one of the most anticipated and hyped-up VR games to date. The original demo was really impressive and stood out among the early VR games. After two years of waiting the full game was finally released this year. After waiting that long I think some people had unrealistically high expectations for this game. As for me I’m really pleased with it and I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s a stealth-based robot assassination game. Make your way through the office avoiding detection from the bots killing them with throwing knives before they can get to you. One of my favorite things about the game is the portal teleportation. Fire a teleporting orb to where you want to move, and then you get a portal preview from that location to see if it’s safe or not. You can then teleport there or try again somewhere else. The stealth mechanics and combat are both top-notch. Trying to remain stealthy and taking out the bots before they spot you is incredibly engaging.

This is one of the best stealth VR games out there, both the portal traveling and throwing knife combat are tremendous examples of the unique fun that room-scale VR can provide, it’s fantastic. #4 – Apex Construct is a unique VR game that’s a composite of gaming elements that you’ve seen before, but it’s an experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The core gameplay consists of archery combat and puzzle exploration. I was surprised by how fresh the archery combat felt, at first the archery is simple but it quickly gets more strategic. For example you’ll eventually face-off against bots that have shields and can teleport to dodge your fire, but only a special arrow will take down their shields. And then you’ll have a very limited window to switch your arrows and destroy the bot before the shield comes back. All while avoiding their attacks and looking out for other bots that may appear from behind you.